find your tribe, love them hard.

As we come closer to the launch of our monthly womens tent I wanted to reflect on what this means to me and why I feel so strongly about creating this sacred space.

There’s no doubt that something beautiful is created when women come together.  From ancient times, the practice of womens circles or gatherings has been used to build community, lend support, create a spiritual web and share in sacred rituals.  Over time we have forgotten some of the strength that resides in this web of connection but I feel we are now once again realising the divine feminine power we build when we gather, and how much the world needs this energy.

Through global events like the Womens March, to local support networks, the rise of womens tents in all forms is prevalent. With such tumultuous times in the world, and a number of wide spread social issues such as domestic violence, mental illness and eating disorders facing women in our local community, there is a need for more nurturing spaces that deliver support, healing and the important space to be vulnerable. 

Intimate Womens circles can be confronting. No matter how safe the space, the opportunity for raw sharing of challenges, wins, struggles and stories can mean a step outside your comfort zone but it can also mean a deep meaningful connection. 

I have found within my own life the importance of sharing and of allowing myself to be vulnerable, as it’s in these times we enable to load to be shared. When we step into this space we give permission for others to do the same and in turn share emotional bonds and hold space for one another. The silent nods and resounding chorus of ‘me too’s!’ will also be comforting, as most others have a similar story to share.

Women’s circles are such a healing space. They are genuine, cathartic and liberating. They can help us curb the loneliness that engulfs us at times. They help us build networks, create new opportunities, develop new friendships, allow us to explore, laugh, cry and celebrate. They allow us to build self-awareness, self-love, understand our unique value, what our purpose is and to see each other and ourselves as human. They are for women of all ages to be treated with equal amounts of respect and reverence. They are to help heal our mind and body.

They are sacred.

Join us in June for the start of Sacred Moon Women’s Tent -