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Are you ready to embrace your unique grace and beauty?

To reconnect to your centre and live in flow? 

To surrender, slow down and transform?

As women we are often pulled away from our centre, and struggle to realise the strength in embracing our divine feminine qualities.  Realigning requires us to slow down, allow space for compassion and self love, and reconnect with the rhythm of life and our own natural cycles.

balance. life. flow. was born out of the transformation of my own life through Yoga. Yoga gave the tools to navigate anxiety, stress and nurture myself through illness. It allowed me to discover the beauty and strength in slowing down and tuning into what I really needed in order to nourish all parts of myself. And it offered me the space connect into my unique vibration to discover who I am and to embrace the strength that exists through the support of other women.

The practices I have gathered to support my journey, are the practices I offer to support you to restore a loving, nourishing relationship with yourself through body, mind and spirit.

Feminine Offerings

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Yoga & Meditation:


Fertility, Prenatal & Postnatal (+bubs)

A reconnection to your divine feminine nature and support for your journey.

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Feminine Wellbeing: Nutrition Coaching, Yoga & Meditation


Support, nourishment and balance from the inside out.

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Conscious Women: Community Events & Retreats


Monthly Circle and Dance Journey, Nourishing feminine retreats.

Smile, breathe and go slowly
— Thich Nhat Hanh